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Weekly Wardrobe from WeeklyHappy™

Here’s a fun way

To keep your child’s room neat and tidy!

The kids wardrobe organiser hangs directly on the wardrobe.

Provides 6 shelves and 6 side pockets to arrange their weekly clothes in.

Designed in fun rainbow colours, it’s an engaging way to stimulate your child to sort out their things for the week.

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AVOID THE CRAZINESS - Feeling overwhelmed with the school routine again? Running around and getting dressed in time? You can ORGANISE and HAVE READY TO GO all your child’s clothes and make your mornings run smoothly.
VIRTUALLY INDESTRUCTIBLE - Made of high-quality polyester, reinforced with 2 steel rods which makes it rock-solid when your kids are hanging, tugging and pulling off it to get to their bits and pieces.
CHILDREN DRESS THEMSELVES - Boost their SELF-CONFIDENCE and sense of INDEPENDENCE by getting dressed all by themselves. Take the chore out of getting ready in the morning and start the day EMPOWERING your children.
QUICK & EASY SETUP - No need to fiddle with hooks as they are CONVENIENTLY sewn into the unit to simply hook on your wardrobe rail - YOUR KID'S MORNING ROUTINE JUST GOT EASIER.
SPACE SAVING - Our COLLAPSIBLE closet organiser measures: 108(H)cm x 30(W)cm x 30(D)cm with 6 side mesh pockets for all your child’s clothes, accessories, shoes, books and toys.

What Are You Waiting For?

What Our Customers Are Saying

Very happy with product


This has help me organise my mornings brilliantly. Having 2 boys, 3 and 1 year old, mornings can be chaotic, this is one job ticked off the list with no fussing, I do all my washing through the week ready for Sunday ironing, then I put the boys clothes for the week away, absolutely brilliant, think me n hubby could do with one! 🤔😂 The quality is fantastic, think it's a little pricy at £25, but the 3 year old has really taken to it having the days of the week on, and being so colourful, so it's been worth it for me.

Jen C

Great for Being organised


Love this. Bought for the kids going back to school, I like to be organised. I set the kids stuff in this and they can just go every morning and get there uniform from the wardrobe. It’s bright and cheery. Don’t know why I didn’t buy this sooner

Christina A



Every thing my boys needed to sort out their school uniform for the week. They are now very well-organised and no more promoting (what feels like 100 times) for them to get dressed. If fact i don't even have to te them anymore! They love the bright colours and the extra pockes on the sides too. Its not flimsy and doesn't take up much room. Very happy!

Lou Lou

Very good quality


Perfect for my wardrobe. Great idea to help kids get organised

Karen E


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