Here’s a fun way to keep your child’s room neat and tidy!

The kids wardrobe organiser hangs directly on the wardrobe and provides 6 shelves and 6 side pockets to arrange their weekly clothes in.

Designed in fun rainbow colours, it’s an engaging way to stimulate your child to sort out their things for the week.

No more tears in the morning when they can’t find something!
Practical and delightful, it’s a great addition to a child’s room!
No loose parts, no assembly required. Simply open the box and use it.
  1. Less mess
  • Great time saver for busy mornings
  • Eliminate stress by planning ahead

2 Boost your week

  • Makes introducing routines a breeze
  • Empower your kids to organize themselves
  • Works great with kids and adults alike

3 Sturdy and robust design

  • Supports a week’s worth of clothes and accessories
  • Max load 15kg
  • Single shelf up to 3kg

Check out what clients say

This has help me organise my mornings brilliantly. Having 2 boys, 3 and 1 year old, mornings can be chaotic, this is one job ticked off the list with no fussing, I do all my washing through the week ready for Sunday ironing, then I put the boys clothes for the week away, absolutely brilliant, think me n hubby could do with one! 🤔😂 The quality is fantastic, think it's a little pricy at £25, but the 3 year old has really taken to it having the days of the week on, and being so colourful, so it's been worth it for me.

Jen s

Love this. Bought for the kids going back to school, I like to be organised. I set the kids stuff in this and they can just go every morning and get there uniform from the wardrobe. It’s bright and cheery. Don’t know why I didn’t buy this sooner

Christina A

Love this product! Makes my mornings less chaotic and one less thing to think about. Fast delivery and fun colors. Highly recommend.