Why Connection is Key

The relationship with your child is essential and it will affect them for the rest of their life.

Having a strong bond with a parent helps a child have a positive sense of self, healthy self-esteem, and helps them maintain healthy relationships throughout their life.

A strong bond with your child is also beneficial for your overall happiness and sense of contentment.

Amazingly, creating a strong bond can be as simple as following these few tips and making slight lifestyle changes.

If you want to have a better relationship with your child but not sure where to start, this short and simple blog post is for you.

“Your children need your presence more than your presents.”

Jesse Jackson

Say I Love You

One of the best ways to strengthen your bond with your child is to tell them you love them. Children need to know they are loved unconditionally, even when they are not behaving as you would like them to. Make sure to express your love often, regardless of if they are being “bad” or “good.”

With a tiny bit of attention and effort, you can improve your relationship in no time.

Spend Quality Time

A great way to strengthen your bond with your child is to spend quality time with them. You can take them to theme parks for fun day trips, sit in cafes, play in the park with them, take walks, bike rides, scavenger hunts or geocaching if they’re a little older.

There's so many activities to get involved in, you just have to be eager and willing. Spending quality time shows your child they are important, which is essential for their confidence and sense of self.

Develop Rituals

Part of showing you care is giving your child love and attention.

You can do this by creating daily rituals. Consider having bedtime stories, watching a TV show together, playing games, and more.

As your child grows, the rituals may change but the bond you have created will last a lifetime.

Increase Physical Connection

If you want to strengthen your relationship with your child, increase your physical connection. Hugs, kisses, a pat on the head, show love and warmth to a child.

When children receive physical affection they are more resilient, have better health, and maintain close relationships with their parents into adulthood.

Use the Tips to Create a Stronger Bond With Your Child

Start by letting your child know you love them unconditionally. You could also spend more time with them, develop rituals, and increase your physical connections. Make sure to allow for emotions and practice empathy and compassion.

Follow these tips and you’ll be well on your way to a better relationship with your child.

Connection is what we ALL long for.

When I ask parents to name a fond memory they have of their parents they always name something that has to do with connection. My dad took me fishing, just me! And we sat together in the quiet for hours TOGETHER.

My mum saw that I was hurt and told me that she loved me. These stories are always about moments or periods of connection.

We can’t connect every minute every day, but a little bit goes a long way.

Happy connecting!

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