How we got started

Our then 4 & 2 year old are our 'why' we created the Weekly Happy Wardrobe.

Actually, scrap that: our then 4 year old Fashionista who wanted to wear everything and nothing everyday was the main reason! 🤯

She would throw out ALL of her clothes from her drawers looking for that 'ONE' t-shirt! It was chaos and it was getting worse everyday!

We tried everything, reward charts, gold stars, treats, no treats, shouting, begging, pleading but the saga continued and it was unbearable for us.She couldn't decide on one thing to wear, she would put something on and then need to wear something completely different over and over again….and we were all so frustrated!

Googling, asking friends and we read loads of blogs about how to stop this morning madness and the idea came to us. We checked online to see if there was anything available, one quick solution that I could just purchase and it could solve our morning blues, but unfortunately there wasn’t anything. 

Then, my husband just said ‘why don’t we just create it ourselves?’ Which got us thinking: I knew what I wanted, I really wanted a wardrobe organiser that separates a week’s worth of clothes into daily compartments and clear labels on the front for easy access and reminders! I wanted to fill it once a week and my kids would go and collect their daily clothes from there every morning. I wanted to simply arrange their week’s worth of clothes just once a week, either with them or just myself. These were my specifications!

We climb the mountain everyday...

Weekly Happy

Mum & Dad

So we got to work. 

We started contacting Chinese manufacturers and began the design process of the Weekly Wardrobe. It took a while and lots of messages to and fro for about 6 months. Luckily my husband has the patience of a saint so that took the edge off and he was able to message them a lot during this long, drawn out development stage. In the end, we had a sample made to be sure it would be useful and durable enough for us and then eventually, we had our second and final sample sent and that worked like a charm! The colours, the side pockets, the lettering all worked for my kids. The Weekly Wardrobe was born and we were beyond thrilled.

And guess what, it worked!

My fashion designer daughter managed to adapt and grow to love having her clothes all laid out ready to go everyday and was actually excited to collect her clothes everyday. And my 2 year old was able to hang off it without it tearing, it is that strong!

It was a dream come true for us, we managed to cut 25 minutes off, at least! in the morning and we've all got so peaceful and calm and there’s no shouting and yelling anymore.

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